Century Regalia Indiranagar

Century Regalia in Indira Nagar boasts of proximity to many IT hubs and has a social framework. It has a premium market, with projects by reputed builders which adds to its growth story.

As it is strategically located, the area enjoys good access to major IT hubs such as M G Road and Koramangala. It is easily accessible to other major IT Parks in the city. Due to this growth of the IT industry, having a house close to the workplace has become a necessity.

The area connects to the best schools, malls, hotels and major IT hubs. Many people wish to settle in this area as it is near their workplace. So, the real estate market is in high demand in the area, and prices are increasing fast.

  • Steady real estate growth – The area is one of the posh areas where the real estate market is increasing at a rapid rate. Investing here will give good returns in the future as there is steady growth.
  • Good Connectivity – The location offers good access to all areas of the city through a network of roads and metros. There are trains to connect all nearby areas easily.
  • Job market – The area is near big IT hubs of the city, which offers jobs to a lot of IT people, and people can settle near their work area.

Indira Nagar is one of the best locations for real estate investment, as it has a demand for rental homes, making it an excellent investment option for landlords. It also attracts a lot of people to settle here as it is near major IT hubs.


Century Regalia Bangalore

Century Regalia Bangalore is in the eastern part of the city. Investing in Bangalore shows an investment in a city that's constantly evolving and thriving. Bangalore is at the forefront of India’s growing IT sector. The presence of leading MNCs and a highly skilled workforce fuels the city’s economy. It translates to a big demand for housing for families.

As IT companies continue to expand, the demand for houses remains high, making Bangalore a haven for real estate investments. Investing here is the best option as it will give returns in terms of resale value.

A number of real estate builders are starting new projects in the city to meet the increasing demands. Century Regalia Bangalore is the best investment option for everyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious house with all the needed features in the prime area of the city.

  • Steady real estate growth – The city has a steady real estate market where investing in any property will never go to waste. The real estate market is growing every day and it will give good returns for investment.
  • Lots of Job offers - The city is known for the IT hubs that offer work to a lot of people, and a lot of people move here to settle near their workplace.
  • Lots of options – The city has a range of investment options as many builders are constructing a lot of projects here. There are budget-friendly houses to luxury houses to invest here.
  • Improved transport network – The city has the best access to connect to all important areas of the city. There are a number of buses and metro to connect to all important areas easily. There are train stations to connect to all other areas outside the city easily, and there is a better air network, too.

Bangalore is a chosen destination for many people, and many wish to settle here because the climate is also fine throughout the year, and there is a developed social framework, too. Century Regalia Bangalore will help people invest in a property that will have a good resale value and is worth the investment in Bangalore.


Century Regalia RERA

Century Regalia has not got RERA approval and is waiting for the approval. The project will get RERA approval as it meets all rules laid by RERA, and Century Regalia's RERA number will be displayed on the website. After getting approval, the project will be launched in 2024, and the date of possession is 4 years after the launch before Dec 2028.

All properties are RERA-approved, as they will usually meet all specified standards. They always meet deadlines for all projects and never compromise on any quality.

  • Comprehensive Clarity on Pricing
  • Improved Transparency of project details
  • Apt Delivery of projects
  • Increases the consistency of the builder
  • Complete Consumer Protection
  • Reduces all likelihoods of misconduct of builders
  • Promises the rights of buyers
  • Provides buyers with good access to the legal team if there is any desecration of the rule

Century Regalia will firmly obey all the guidelines of RERA, and it will guarantee timely completion within deadlines. They will deliver quality projects which increases the developer’s trustworthiness.


Century Regalia Apartment

An apartment is a one-story structure located in a multi-unit building. These are now preferred options in big cities as they offer many modern amenities. Apartments are in greater demand in Bangalore as they offer a superb lifestyle. There are many apartment projects built by reputed builders with amenities that a modern buyer desires.

Century Builders has launched a premium posh township project in Indira Nagar, “Century Regalia”, offering gorgeously crafted 3 and 4 BHK apartments. It is a gated community providing luxury with modern amenities in it. This luxury apartment project will lift the face of Indira Nagar.

Exceptional features that are exclusive in Century Regalia are:

  • Latest security: The project is a safe area to live in the city as it has a range of modern safety features that include CCTV cameras, 24*7 security, restricted access facility etc.
  • Spacious units: The project offers spacious and big 3 and 4 BHK luxury homes in the main area of the city with all needed modern features. It has houses with big storage areas and Vaastu-compliant homes.
  • Modern amenities: The project offers 40+ amenities and has a big clubhouse with features to have a great leisure time.
  • Various sizes: The project has units of different sizes so that everyone can buy their desired homes based on their size and budget.
  • Eco-friendly: The project is eco-friendly with a lot of features like rainwater harvest, better waste disposal methods, etc.


Century Regalia is located on Indira Nagar in East Bangalore.

The size of units here ranges from 2200 sq ft to 3000 Sq Ft.

The project has more than 40 amenities and has 80% open area.

The project is now awaiting RERA, and as soon as it is received, the RERA number will be displayed.

The possession date of Century Regalia is in Dec 2028.

Century Group

Century Builders is one of the best real estate builders who are in Bengaluru. They are known for building outstanding residential projects at an affordable price. It is known for its quality as it gives the best construction for all its projects and puts buyer happiness before everything else.

 Century Group Projects in Bangalore

They never give up on quality and present the latest design for their houses. All their projects are spacious and Vaastu-compliant. They meet all the requirements of the buyers and put buyer satisfaction first.

  • Transparency in business
  • Put buyer satisfaction first
  • Present the latest designs
  • Outstanding designs
  • Buyer-Friendly Approach.

Century Builders always provides the best projects and has all the needed approvals so that buyers will not face any legal risk. They never compromise on quality and provide the best for all buyers.

Upcoming projects are those projects that are in the planning stage and now open for booking for buyers. In 2024, Century Builders offered many new projects in Bangalore, including

Century Trails

Century Trails is in Devanahalli in North Bangalore. There are 800 plots of all sizes possessing beautifully made features on Devanahalli in 3 phases. The project has plots of different sizes in a varying price range.

 century Novus

Century Novus is in Jakkur, Bangalore, and the units are in the range of Rs. 74. 0 Lakhs to 92. 0 Lakhs. There are 234 units in the project over 2 towers. A 2 BHK Flat ranges from 1010. 0 Sq. Ft. A 3 BHK Flat is from 1275. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1485. 0 Sq. Ft.

Century Wintersun Phase II

Century Wintersun Phase II is in Yelahanka, Bangalore and the prices of this meticulously project are in the range of Rs. 2. 5 Crores to 3. 45 Crores. It is over an area of 6 Acres, and the property has 50 units over 2 towers. A 4 BHK Villa here ranges from 3200. 0 Sq. Ft. to 3350. 0 Sq. Ft.

Ongoing projects are those where the building process is going on and the Occupancy Certificate is not yet issued. In Bangalore, numerous projects are now ongoing that are created by Century Builders, including

century Ethos

Century Ethos is at Hebbal, Bangalore over an area of 7 acres. The units come at a price that varies from Rs. 2. 68 Crores to 5. 40 Crores. There are 333 units in this project over 4 towers. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 2850. 0 Sq. Ft. - 3485. 0 Sq. Ft. A 4 BHK Flat is from 4235. 0 Sq. Ft.

 century Seasons

Century Seasons is in Devanahalli, Bangalore over an area of 25 Acres. The project has 329 units that are Under Construction. The possession of this flat is in 2024.

A completed project is one where the building process has finished, and a completion certificate is there so that possession is guaranteed. Buyers can take control of their homes at any time as security is approved. In Bangalore, numerous projects are completed by the Century Builders, including

century Breeze

Century Breeze is in Jakkur, Bangalore, over 6 acres. The project is reasonably priced in the range of Rs. 98. 0 Lakhs to 1. 43 Crores. The property has 322 units over 3 towers. A 2 BHK Flat here ranges from 1279. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1483. 0 Sq. Ft. A 3 BHK Flat here ranges from 1858. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1865. 0 Sq. Ft.

Century Artisan

Century Artizan is in Yelahanka, Bangalore over an area of 44 acres. The project is in the range of Rs. 3. 0 Crores to 3. 22 Crores. The project has a total of 246 units. The size of units ranges from 4000. 0 Sq. Ft. The launch date is August 2013, and its official date of possession is June 2018.

Century Indus

Century Indus is in RR Nagar, Bangalore over an area of 6 acres. The prices range from Rs. 65. 0 Lakhs to 1. 45 Crores. The project has 225 units over 2 towers. A 2 BHK Flat here ranges from 1068. 0 Sq. Ft. A 3 BHK Flat here ranges from 1901. 0 Sq. Ft.

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